The Way To Trade

Title: The Way To Trade

by John Piper

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Written By: John Piper is one of the world's most respected and able market analysts. He's a full time successful trader and also manages money for a select band of lucky clients. With over 16 years of market experience, John has learnt his trade where it matters most, in the heat of the market itself.

In addition to his trading John Piper regularly leads seminars and hosts one-to-one trade coaching sessions. He has helped to guide hundreds of private clients towards their own success. John is also editor in chief of the hugely popular The Technical Trader Hotsheet - a twice monthly analysis of global market trends and market direction forecasts - with astonishing accuracy.

When it comes to the business of teaching others the skill of trading, few have the ability and track record to even come close to John Piper.
Review Summary: Overall good book on trading for all markets, designed to get you back on track and making profits like a professional
Notes: Foreword by Dr. Alexander Elder author of Trading For a Living
Pages: 273 PDF Format ebook  
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Some Reader Comments: "...the author is a natural teacher, which makes reading his book an easy and pleasurable experience. I highly recommend The Way To Trade to anyone who wants to succeed at trading and is willing to do what it takes..."
  "John Piper's success is based on a combination of a clearly defined strategy, disciplined money management techniques, and the ability to adapt to differing market conditions. This book is essential for investors prepared to look below the surface and profit consistently from market price action."
  "...brokers love a trader who is successful over the longer term. John Piper is such a trader and this book explains how and why."


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