The Master Trader

Title: The Master Trader

by Jens Clever

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Master Trader ebook

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Written By: Jens Clever
Review Summary: Stock trading guide book covering everything from charts, technical analysis, patterns, indicators and much more
Notes: Over 15,000 copies sold over the last few years
Pages: 96 PDF Format ebook  
Bonus Items: A significant feature of this ebook is the very large number of bonus trading ebooks that come with it including: Day Trading Mind, Technical Market Indicators, Forex Introduction, Guide To Swing Trading and many more
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Reader Comments: "Jens, I never read anything so comprehensive. I am a daytrader and will pass it on to my friends who are investing. The course covers about every aspect of the business."
  "...I have been trading for many years, read many books and subscribed to many who claim that I can increase my return by 100% - none worked. The MasterTrader book that I have bought from you is worth a million dollars which I lost before I bought the master trader.

No other book or newsletter teaches what the Master Trader teaches. I am sure that with the knowledge I gained from the MasterTrader I will be able to beat Wall Street..."

  "... Jens is a very respected trader and coach and what I particularly like about his offer is that there is also an option to have a one-on-one coaching session with him..."
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