Trading For Beginners Guide

Title: Trading For Beginners

by Mark McCrae

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Trading For Beginners by Mark McCrae

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Written By: Mark McCrae - Professional Trader and Author - Old Tree Publishing
Review Summary: Perfect trading book for beginners, covers a lot of ground including trading plans, why most traders fail, how to manage risk, technical indicators, secrets of successful trading
Notes: Offers free course "Day Traders Secrets" at website
Pages: 75+ PDF Format ebook  
Bonus Items: Great bonus items with this ebook including access the Traders Secret Library, over 60 trading articles, bonus ebook package which includes Breaking The Broker Myth, The Art Of War (it's not want you think!), The 123 Trading System and too many more to list here
Promoted By: Mark McRae - David Jenyns - Surefire Trading
Reader Comments: "...I just want you to know that of all the money I've spent on my trading education you are one of the best deals out there..."
  "...the most important of these was the one on probability and money management. I've been having a terrible time knowing where to put stops, and how much to risk in my trading. Your table showing risk ratio, coupled with the data on probability, really opened my eyes. I began trading with $5000, and was down to $3700 (after only 7 or 8 trades). Not okay! Now I see why I was losing -- I was risking too much, on trades where I didn't stand to gain sufficient to offset the probability factor..."
  "...I just finished reading your ebook, "Trading For Beginners" and I must say, it is absolutely the most comprehensive and easy to understand publication for trading I have ever come across..."


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