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Stock Assault 2.0 AI Software

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Review Summary: Stock Assault 2.0 is a software tool that you need to download and run on your own computer. It processes live stock market data and when ready will give you stock picks. You then have the choice of buying/selling the stock pick in your own broker account, or not taking any action.

This tock picking software uses some form of artificial intelligence to make it's stock picks

Notes: First seen on the market approx August 2008
Pages: PDF Format ebook and software  
Bonus Items: None
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Some Reader Comments: "Thank you for the great picks. Have traded for fifty years. Have tried many advisors. But, your 37 straight winning selections is the best that I have ever heard of or experienced on my own. In fact, I keep telling my wife that it's too good to believe and that it just can't last... In fact, I have a good stock broker friend who called recently to talk stocks. I felt so guilty not telling him about you... Again I say thank you, thank you"
  "This is the best service I've ever used. It suits my personality and my investing strategies, that being I have never invested before and needed someone to hold my hand. Your software does exactly that, it holds both of my hands and I can't ask for anything more. Thank you for your help"
  "I'm extremely happy with the service [Stock Assault 2.0]. Believe me, I've tried many other services over the years. In my opinion no others come close. STEADY, CONSISTENT PROFIT, WHAT A CONCEPT!!! "


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