Swing Trader Guide - 5.0

Title: Swing Trader Guide

by Kevin Brown - Also called the definitive guide to swing trading

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Swing Trader Guide 5.0

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Written By: Kevin Brown
Review Summary: This is very comprehensive and detailed course on swing trading from a trader with over 20 years. It is a step by step guide that covers every aspect of swing trading.
Notes: This is a well matured product and has been on sale since 2003 with many updates, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 and now 5.0

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Pages: PDF Format ebook Plus software bonus items
Bonus Items: Lots of bonus items:
  • Swing Trading Calculator Software
  • Swing Trading Trade Tracker Spreadsheet
  • Special Reports - A pack of 10 bonus trading ebooks
  • Free Course Update
  • Free customer support
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Some Reader Comments: "I liked Kevin right from the start and I could tell right away that he was part of the "keeping it real" crowd. I wasn't going to get any hype. And, I could tell that he wasn't going to insult my intelligence by showing me a bunch of "theories" that would never work in the real world. There are numerous trading e-books out there for sale. Some are good. Some are not so good! Which ones are actually worth buying? Honestly, not many of them! But here is one worth buying."
  "I am always looking for quality trading resources for my trading newsletter. I have frequently promoted the Definitive Guide to Swing Trading Stocks to my prudent subscribers and have never had a single complaint from purchasers. That's proof positive that this course is a winner. Thanks Kevin for making such a valuable resource available to the trading community"
  "Kevin, I just finished reading your swing trading book and it is brilliant. Readers can learn everything they need to know about swing trading and the methods can be used in any market and any time-frame.... It is the complete package! You don't just provide theories - you provide a full trading strategy that traders can use to fit their own trading style. This is shown in easy to understand charts and diagrams. They get the entry points for the trade - the exact stops, they also get the targets. After reading the book, and with a bit of practice, I believe readers should become very competent traders."
Swing Trading
Swing Trader Guide
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Swing Trader Guide - 5.0